Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas 2012.

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It’s Christmas Holiday again this year 2012.  So have Fun, Stay Safe and be merry. If your willing to volunteer with festivities please contact the band office, leave your name and number.


National Aboriginal Day

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Nibinamik First Nation Celebrates Aboriginal day at a place Called Go-Go’s Point. Recreation will  provide activities for the youth. There will be also a cook-out, lots of food will be served, like fish, moose meat, burgers and hot dogs. yard sale is permitted on the grounds. there is something for everyone. See ya all there.

Nibinamik First Nation Day

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June 11th 2011, Marks our 36th year since people started arriving by boat to establish a settlement Called Summer Beaver. Now known as Nibinamik First Nation. Back then it was tall trees and small cabins, trails that lead around the shore lines and cut across the hill where the band office now stands. Today the community has Electricity, telephone, internet, Roads, airport and running water. This Community has grown so much from ‘1975 Population about less then 50 to ‘2011 Population of 440. I am excited to see the next 36 years, what small changes this community will be engaging.